ImprovedNature®Products Are Anything with Meat

The process used to make Improved Meat produces a product that mimics meat in all cooking methods and forms of distribution. ImprovedMeat can be breaded, baked, stir-fried, fried, grilled, sautéed, or microwaved. Improved Nature has the expertise to develop your favorite meat dish without meat, and ship it refrigerated, frozen, or ambient. The technology is so advanced, that ImprovedMeat fibers can even replace meat without anyone realizing you are serving a meatless dish. Fajita strips, chicken strips, chicken filets, sweet & sour chicken, beef and chicken fajita strips, barbecue pork shreds, smoked turkey filets, chicken filet sandwich - are just some of the items we can make. If you can make it with meat, we can make it ″meat-less″ and you cannot tell the difference.

What type of claim do you want to make? Finally, a ″meat-free″product that can meet virtually any claim you would like, excluding ″soy-free″.ImprovedMeat has a very short ingredient statement - soy protein concentrate, until you add the flavoring and sauce. Unbelievable, tasting is believing. Just let our experts know what type of meat dish or style you would like to see, and our trained staff will deliver a meatless sample that will satisfy even the most discriminating meat-eater. The future of meat has arrived, and the future is ImprovedMeat.

Ready to Heat

ImprovedNature®bring to you a line of ″Ready to Heat ″ products that offers a line of prepared texture and flavor of meat products to your retail brand, store brand, and food service supplier in the refrigerated and frozen distribution channels, and can be made for the untapped shelf-stable market.


″Ready to Cook″

ImprovedNature®will also include a line of ″semi-ready″, ″meat-free″ products that major food processors can include in their own prepared meals. These products will be a direct replacement for chicken, pork, or beef in their product, while still delivering the texture, flavor, and appearance of meat.


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